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Seigaiha Wave Blue and White Chopstick "Ramen" Bowl

Seigaiha Wave Blue and White Chopstick "Ramen" Bowl

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Seigaiha in Japanese literally means 'blue sea and waves'. It was used to illustrate seas and oceans on maps.

These wonderful versatile bowls are traditionally used for Ramen but can be used for so many other dishes.  This Modern Asian shape includes bamboo chopsticks in the cutout handles. The deep round bowl is just the thing for enjoying ramen, pho, tom yum, pad see ew, and curry noodles.

The sturdy bowl is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

Bowl Size: 6" Dia x 3.75"H,  Capacity: 20 fl oz

Chopsticks 9"L 

Made in Japan

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