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Painting - Maeve Erickson - Fog and Sea Diptych

Painting - Maeve Erickson - Fog and Sea Diptych

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This Encaustic Diptych Painting represents the confusion of foggy seas.  The complex layers of color and wax evoke the mixing sea, fog, land, and sky.

Each panel measures approx 24" x 30". Together the pair side by side is 4' x 30"

Maeve Erickson is an accomplished artist who loves to focus on the art of the sea.Her masterful eye for color and skillful use of Encaustics combine to create compelling mood and movement.  Truly a color prodigy.  

Sadly, Maeve has had to retire recently from painting; a pesky case of Parkinson's has taken control of her painting arm.  We hope a cure is around the corner for her sake and for the sake of art.

Encaustic painting is a technique in which pigments are mixed with hot liquid wax. Artists can change the paint’s consistency by adding resin or oil (the latter for use on canvas) to the wax. The practical difficulties of using a wax medium is that it has to be kept very hot to use.  Encaustic painting was invented by the ancient Greeks and was brought to the peak of its technical perfection by the painter Pausias in the 4th century BCE


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